Sunday, 10 February 2013

Crowd Electrified by Round Plug's First Gig

Friday 8th Feb, back room, Dodd's

Round Plug - Photo courtesy Kit O'Connor
Malachy Costello (Guitar), Conor Lawlor (Guitar), Sean Conlon (fiddle), Christ Spoorenberg (piano) and Dave Eglinton (Bass)

A crowd of friends gathered in Dodd's Back Bar on Friday night to be entertained by Round Plug (provisional name...)

A set of 13 songs, all original, the guys knew they were taking a risk having a set without any covers, but the crowd's reaction was terrific. And Denis Dodd was so impressed that he left someone else behind the bar and came out to join the crowd. What a compliment!
Malachy, not worrying about the weather:
Photo Courtesy Kit O'Connor

Donie O'Connor was also very complimentary, saying he would NEVER do a gig without covers, but says we carried it off, with aplomb :-) He was also very impressed with our stagecraft (he had to explain to me what he meant!  - that's the banter, to us mere mortals.)

Highlights of the night were I Never Worry about the Weather, by Malachy, and Going to the Well by Conor. 
Is he dancing, or running?
Photo Courtesy Kit O'Connor

There's talk of another gig in Dodds in six weeks time, so put it in yer diary! Email me if you want to be informed of the exact date.

Malachy and Conor have been writing music for a couple of years now, and have gathered a group of musical friends around them. Rehearsing pretty much every Friday since they got together, they now have up to 30 self-penned songs in their repertoire. 

Friday's playlist :

  • Waiting at the G (Conor)
  • City Streets (Malachy)
  • Pretty Perfect You  (Conor)
  • I Never Worry About The Weather (Malachy)
  • The Magpie (Malachy)
  • Maura's Song  (Conor)
  • Song for a Friend (Malachy)
  • Say My Name  (Conor)
  • Bad Memory (Malachy)
  • The Messenger  (Conor)
  • Its Over to You  (Malachy)
  • Going to the Well  (Conor)
  • The Pursers Gold  (Conor)


  1. Well done lads, sounds like a great start. Hope to be there for the next one . .

  2. Sorry we weren't there to share the night.
    Aengus and Sue