Monday, 23 July 2012

First Meeting

The First meeting of the songwriter's circle was held at 9 in Dodd's on the Crescent. Helen Grehan, Gerry Casey, Malachy Costello, and me (Conor Lawlor) started things off.

An "eclectic" mix - Helen's mastery of songwriting and guitar playing set the bar high, with her songs "The Road Where Soldiers Go" and others. (I am writing this two months later - no notes...

Malachy sang "The Magpie", "Sunny Street", and annoyed everyone with the fact that he is SO multi-talented!

Gerry sang his Tanglewood song, and wowed his audience with his great vocal talent.

I sang a couple of songs - The Messenger and Too Good To Be True - you'll have to ask the others how they sounded...

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