Monday, 23 July 2012

Frank Molloy joined us tonight

It was our Summer lull, and only Helen Grehan, Conor Lawlor and Gerry Casey were in attendance, until about 11pm, when Frank Molloy ( his partner, Cora, joined us. Frank ripped out his banjo and gave us a couple of songs, including "When Coal was King" (See below). 

Frank invited us to join in his Doom gig - all songs MUST be about DOOM, not doom and gloom, but DOOM. Its in Effernagh on 2nd August. As Malachy says "where the f is Effernagh..."

In response to this invite, Helen pulled out a song she hadn't sung since she wrote it 20 years ago - it was a cheerful number, about a dying husband who was a bit of a reprobate, asking his wife's forgiveness for all the pain he had caused her. And Conor followed up with his song, Masks, which starts with the very gloomy "Paddy's fathers dying, doctor days that he won't see out the year".

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