Tuesday, 23 October 2012

October Meet

Wasn't looking forward to this session - Gerry was out, and Helen said she wasn't feeling great. Klaus had left the country... Malachy couldn't make it before 10.30. And nobody knew where Marco was. So, I left for 9PM and brought a book...

Anyway, when I got there, Helen was waiting patiently. We had a chat - it would have looked too suspicious, the two of us singing songs to each other!. Then Frank Molloy walked in, with his banjo under his arm. And we kicked off.

Frank gave a great rendition of Lotions and Potions (one of his own) along with some other tracks. I must write them down next time :-(

Malachy arrived and launched into Magpie, which I accompanied - a pretty good version. He also sang Song For a Friend (I Wish I Could See You Again), I Never Worry About the Weather, and Frank thought he should do a demo of Kiss Me Goodbye

Helen wasn't in great form for singing, but wanted to listen. We coaxed a couple or three songs out of her, which were, as always, top class, and in her own inimitable style. As she says herself, she "doesn't do funny", but she doesn't need to - she brings such a quality of song writing and singing to any session.

There was a great buzz among us - and I did my best to keep things upbeat with Paddy is a Builder, Mandy About Town and The Purser's Gold. 

Frank invited us to join his gang in Effranagh on the 1st November for a night of ghoulish gloom - all songs must have something to do with gloom, ghosts, death - anything along those lines.

Helen, Malachy, Gerry and I are planning to have some sort of a soiree for our circle - and invite friends along to hear our songs. Probably going to happen on the first Thursday in December, in Dodd's. Let me know if you're interested in coming. honestcon@gmail.com

Thanks for reading all the way to the end :-)

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