Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Wednesday the 15th August 2012

After a bit of a late start in Dodd’s last Wednesday the 15th of August, the songs started coming thick and fast. Conor was away on holidays so Gerry kept some notes for the blog.

The songs were performed by each participant going around the room but for simplicity (and allowing for my poor memory) I will just report the songs played by each musician in no particular order.

Helen Grehan started off the proceedings by  playing one of my favourite songs, “Storm at Sea”. She also performed “A love song”, “Jimmy”, “Table of Life” and “David”.

Malachy Costello sang and accompanied himself on guitar, “Life’s a funny thing”, “Song for a friend” and the wonderful “Magpie”.

Gerry Casey sang and played guitar on “In my Dreams” and “Heading South”.

Klaus Harder accompanied himself on bouzouki
 and sang “Letting go”. He also played a lovely instrumental on the bouzouki called “Horo Romanita”.

Marco sang an almost trance inducing song which I think he called “Here it comes again”. I remember something of the imagery of the lyric, of the wind playing in the leaves. He also sang “The only one”, “On her silver jubilee” and the hilarious “Menace in the waiting room”, which brought the house down..!!

I hope I managed to get the names of all the songs correct; it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening - here’s looking forward to the next one!

Gerry Casey.

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